Concrete surfaces can become slippery over time & pose a significant slip fall hazard.

There are several factors that reduce slip resistance of a concrete surface:

  1. ‘Wear & tear’ from foot traffic, vehicles and forklifts
  2. Contamination from grit and sand
  3. Moisture moving through the slab
  4. Sloped surfaces
  5. Cleaning regime
  6. Water contamination from toilets, external entrances, water fountains & eating areas
  7. Incorrect sealer applied


We have a number of anti slip solutions for concrete floors. Each case is assessed individually to determine the best way forward.

  • Shot Blasting – Shot blasters use fine ball bearings to clean concrete, leaving the surface with a ‘sandpaper’ finish.
  • Diamond Grinding – uses metal bond diamonds to create a non slip surface
  • Diamond Brush – uses a diamond impregnated brush & water to cut the surface
  • Coatings – can be applied with an aggregate to increase slip resistance
  • Scarifying- used where an aggressive anti slip surface is required   i.e. sloped driveways, horse stables & stock yards


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