Over time the top coat of a rubber sports floor will wear out. It may become scratched, look dull, be hard to clean, unhygienic and slippery, increasing maintenance costs and increasing the risk of a slip fall accident.

The top coat is a “wear coat” or “sacrificial coat” i.e. it takes all the abuse while protecting the underlying surface. The top coat will need to be replaced when it shows sign of wear.


Antislipit specialises in restoring surfaces.

Applying a polyurethane hard surface coat will dramatically increase the life of the floor without having the expense of totally replacing it.  See a sample of our work pictured above.

All this is achieved with minimal inconvenience and the floor only needs to be out of use for a short period.

Entrance areas that require a higher slip resistance can have a slip resistant additive added to the coating. This also makes the floor harder wearing while not affecting cleanability.

Recoating and Preservation

Once the time and investment is made to refurbish the gymnasium floor, our commitment is to help ensure the floor continues to look and perform like new.

Antislipit provide periodic DEEP CLEANING that will increase the life of the floor. Proper daily cleaning plays an integral role in persevering the life of the floor’s finish. We provide cleaning instructions and floor care training to all our clients with every project completed.

Dust Control Mats at entrance ways will reduce the amount of dirt and grit on the floor, increasing the life of the coating.


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