Guaranteed to be compliant with SA 4663:2013 and SA 4586:2013 Slip Resistance Standards

Diamond Brush Antislip Treatment

Hard Surfaces Need the Diamond Brush Treatment

When you have hard surfaces – such as stone, granite or marble, polished concrete, vitrified tiles, bricks or pavers – that have become slippery and DANGEROUS, it’s time to get AntiSlipIt to give them the Diamond Brush Treatment.

This treatment turns a slippery floor hazard into an non slip surface, while revealing the original colour of the flooring.

What is the Diamond Brush treatment?

The treatment is environmentally friendly, using only diamond-impregnated brushes and water to cut through the surface and achieve the desired slip-resistance level.

Ingrained dirt and grime, algae and mold are all removed leaving the surface “as new”.

The brushes are fitted to a machine that looks a little like a floor polisher. When we operate the machine over the surface of your floor, the diamond brushes wear out the softer parts of the surface, leaving a clean, anti-slip surface.

Benefits of the Treatment

No chemicals are required. We use the machine on a low speed, so the noise level is low. The edge of each tile will not crack or break off as the brush “rides” over the surface

  • Slip resistance level meets Australian Standard SA 4663-2013
  • Permanent change to the floor surface
  • Guaranteed increased safety underfoot
  • Provides a cost effective alternative to replacing floors
  • Clean ability is not effected
  • Is economical to use and friendly to the environment
  • Floor in service 2 hours after penetrating sealer is applied
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Best practice after care information

This treatment has been used at :

  • 9 Riverview Court, Dalkeith – marble pool surround
  • 111 St Georges Terrace, Perth – granite – external building surround
  • Woolworths, Dalyellup – external pavers & polished concrete
  • Woolworths, Harvest Lakes, Atwell – blue stone pavers
  • Perry Lakes Estate, Floreat – pavers
  • 218 St Georges Terrace, Perth – external granite & concrete
  • 144 Stirling Street, Perth – internal granite & external terrazzo


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