Diamond Brush Antislip Treatment

For stone (eg, granite & marble) brick, pavers, vitrified tile, polished concrete & most masonry surfaces

This Environmentally Friendly System uses Diamond impregnated brushes and water to cut and achieve desired slip resistance when wet.

The surface is restored back to its original colour.


No dangerous chemicals or solvents used in this process, only water, low noise level low speed scrubber used in process, fast results, cleans ingrained grime from surface. No damage caused to edges of tiles from unevenly laid tiles/pavers as brushes ride over the edge as opposed to resin or alloy diamonds that crack, chip or shatter tiles.

  • Slip resistance level meets Australian Standard AS 4663-2013
  • Permanent change to the floor surface
  • Guaranteed increased safety underfoot
  • Provides a cost effective alternative to replacing floors
  • Clean ability is not effected
  • Is economical to use and friendly to the environment
  • Floor in service 2 hours after penetrating sealer is applied
  • A 5 year warranty
  • Best practice after care information

This treatment has been used at :

  • 9 Riverview Court, Dalkeith – marble pool surround
  • 111 St Georges Terrace, Perth – granite – external building surround
  • Woolworths, Dalyellup – external pavers & polished concrete
  • Woolworths, Harvest Lakes, Atwell – blue stone pavers
  • Perry Lakes Estate, Floreat – pavers
  • 218 St Georges Terrace, Perth – external granite & concrete
  • 144 Stirling Street, Perth – internal granite & external terrazzo


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