Most buildings, commercial or domestic, have tiled floors in their bathrooms, shower, laundry and toilet – the wet areas. Some tiles can become very slippery when wet and pose a significant to slip/fall hazard.

Our Tile Anti Slip Treatment makes floors safer WET than dry.

The benefits include:

  • Dramatic increase in slip resistance with no visible change to the floor
  • Surface will be compliant with Slip Resistance Standard AS 4663:2013
  • Floor can be walked on immediately after treatment
  • Provides cost effective alternative to replacing floors which is inconvenient and disrupts normal business activity
  • Cleanability is not affected
  • Is economical to use and friendly to the environment
  • The treatment will show you have demonstrated due diligence regarding Duty of Care legislation

How does Tile Anti Slip Treatment work ?

Tiles contain a small amount of silica in the profile.

The treatment is carefully formulated to dissolve a controlled amount of the silica so as to create thousands of minute, shallow indentations in the surface. This is a permanent change to the surface.


When a person slips on an untreated tile, they are “aqua planing”, this occurs when a layer of water builds up between the foot and the floor surface, leading to a loss of traction.


When a person treads on a treated tile, the shallow indentations created by the treatment allows the water to be squeezed out under the pressure of the foot & grip or traction is created on the surface

Tile anti-slip floor treatment increases the slip resistance of floors on a long-term basis.  To ensure that floors retain the slip resistance created by the treatment, it is essential to ensure that the microscopic pore structures created are kept clean and free of any foreign materials such as dirt and grease.

All that is required of the property owner is good housekeeping to keep the floor free of soil accumulation and grease. Antislipit  recommends using an ENZYME CLEANER for daily maintenance.


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