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When Flooring Hygiene is Important

With a rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, many facilities now require that hard floor surfaces are anti-microbial.

It’s ideal to use in the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals and health care centres, aged care facilities, child care child centres, kindergartens and schools and in hospitality facilities, and in any places area where hygiene is vitally important.

How the Coating Stops Bacteria

The coating uses a natural silver ion technology, proven to reduce MRSA (often referred to as Staph or Golden Staph), E coli and Salmonella by up to 99.9%.

This Polyurethane coating creates a surface where bacteria and mould (such as Aspergillus Niger) cannot survive.

The surface of any floor can now be transformed, to not only to be anti-microbial, but also to look great.

Non-Slip Surface

We can also create a non-slip surface that will comply with Australian Standard AS 4663:2013 Slip Resistance Standard for existing pedestrian surfaces. It’s a savvy decision to have this done at the same time we treat your floor.

Safe to Use

The Polyurethane coating is almost odorless, and has very low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So it can be applied to sensitive places, such as patient care and sterile areas, without affecting any of the surrounding areas.


The coating has inherent chemical resistance properties that prevent paint, spray paint or markers bonding to the surface. This means that graffiti can easily be removed – either with a pressure wash, or a scrub with warm, soapy water.  Even if the graffiti is more difficult to remove, it will not damage the coating.

Moisture Barrier

It is an effective barrier to moisture, but it also enables moisture vapour to escape from beneath the surface. That’s why you won’t see bubbling or peeling with our PU coating, like you see when epoxy coatings have been used.


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