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Concrete Floors Can Become a Slip Fall Hazard

Concrete floors are used in many buildings, factories and driveways because they are economical and hard-wearing. But over time, even the hardest concrete surface can become dangerous and slippery, posing a significant slip fall hazard.

Reduced slip resistance of a concrete surface can be caused by all or any of the following factors:

* Wear and tear from foot traffic, vehicles and forklifts
* Contamination from grit and sand

* Algae and mould growing on the surface
* Moisture moving through the concrete slab
* A sloping surface
* Incorrect cleaning regime
* Water contamination from eating areas, toilets, and external entrances
* Incorrect sealer has been applied.


Because there are different anti-slip solutions for concrete floors, we assess each case individually to determine the best solution to use on your concrete surface.  The different solutions are:

Shot blasting:
Shot blasters use fine ball bearings to clean the concrete. The surface is left with a sandpaper-like finish.

Diamond grinding:
Metal bond diamonds are used to create a non-slip surface.

Diamond Brush:
A brush impregnated with diamond is used with water to cut the surface.

When coatings are applied with an aggregate, they increase slip resistance.

A scarifying machine (also referred to as a surface planer or milling machine) is used to produce an aggressive anti-sip surface, for example, on sloping driveways, in horse stable and stock yards.

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