Your floor tiles will be safer wet than dry!

Slippery tiles are a major cause of slip fall accidents. (Worksafe)

Why Choose our Tile Anti Slip treatment?



Silica is dissolved from the tile surface which increases slip resistance – invisible to the naked eye. A penetrating sealer is then applied.



Our service includes a Free Wet Pendulum Slip Test & Report to verify the surface is compliant with slip resistance standard SA 4663:2013.



Our 2 year warranty ensures your floor will remain slip resistant – or we will re treat the floor.

Reduce your risk and maximise the safety of your customers and staff


As part of our commitment to you we give you full instruction in how to keep the surface clean ensuring the slip resistance gained by the treatment is maintained.


Antislipit has undergone extensive research into the industry to ensure our personnel are qualified to provide floor safety treatments & advice.


We offer our clients advice on Slip Test reporting and what it means for their business.

Without treatment

When someone slips on an untreated tile, it’s as if they are aquaplaning. A layer of water builds up between their feet and the tiled surface, so they have no traction when they walk. They are literally helpless. There’s no way for them to go but down – unless they have something solid to grab to stop their fall.

The AntiSlipIt solution

Tiles contain a small amount of silica in their profile. We carefully formulate our treatment by dissolving a controlled amount of the silica to create thousands of tiny shallow indentations in the surface of each tile.

We create a permanent change to each tile’s surface.
Our anti-slip treatment for tiles makes them safer WET than DRY!

The benefits are many and include:

  • The surface is GUARANTEED to comply with Slip Resistance Standard SA 4663:2013.
  • A dramatic increase in slip resistance – while the tiles still look the same.
  • You can walk on the floor IMMEDIATELY after the treatment!
  • It is a very cost-effective alternative when you consider the inconvenience  and disruption to business of replacing the floor.
  • Your tiled floors can be cleaned as per normal.
  • The treatment is economical and environmentally friendly.
  • The treatment shows that you have demonstrated due diligence regarding Duty of Care legislation.

After treatment

When someone treads on treated wet tiles, they’ll have traction. The pressure of their feet on the tiles squeezes water out of the shallow indentations created by the treatment.

The anti-slip treatment increases the slip resistance of tiled floors on a long-term basis. However, it is essential to keep the microscopic pore structures clean and free from dirt or grease to ensure that floors retain their slip resistance. We recommend daily maintenance with an Enzyme Cleaner.

At AntiSlipIt – all our work is fully GUARANTEED. So, you can rest assured that your investment, flooring, and people are protected.

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