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Eliminate Slip Fall Accidents

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Give Your Vinyl Floor Long Term Protection

6 times longer than traditional sealers

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice in many facilities and public places. It’s hard-wearing. It’s comfortable to walk on. And it reduces noise.
But when vinyl flooring gets wet, there’s no traction. Trying to walk on it can be like aquaplaning, but without the fun. In fact, wet vinyl flooring is a major cause of slip-fall accidents – and their resultant very costly litigation.

Without treatment

Left untreated, your vinyl flooring can become scratched and worn. Unsightly stains, which are impossible to remove, can rise to the surface.  Not only that, but hygienic conditions could be compromised.

Your flooring will need costly intensive care or renovation, which could cause long interruptions to your business. The traditional process involves stripping, sealing and buffing – every year!

Did you know that the risk of slip-fall accidents increases as the vinyl surface becomes worn? The surface may be non-compliant with the Australian Slip Resistance Standard AS 4663:2013.

So, if your facility has vinyl flooring in wet areas – such as entrances, cafeterias or toilets – you need to call the experts at AntiSlipIt – URGENTLY– to prevent accidents that could cause painful physical damage, and take you to the cleaners.

When we treat your vinyl floor, not only will it have a P3 slip-resistant surface (if required) to reduce the risk of a slip-fall accident, but it will be clean as a whistle and have its original, vibrant colour restored. Your floor will last longer – and will NEVER have to be stripped and resealed again. It’s a win/win situation all the way.

The AntiSlipIt Solution

Our AntiSlipIt experts give your vinyl flooring long-term protection and slip-resistance with Polyurethane (PU) sealer. PU sealer is a hard-surface coating that has the following extraordinary benefits:

  • Meets Australian Standard AS 4663:2013
  • Reduces slip/fall injuries for staff, customers and the public
  • Reduces WorkCover claims or litigation
  • Deep cleans your floor, restoring the original, vibrant colour
  • Reduces on-going cleaning and maintenance costs – no stripping,
    sealing or polishing required – EVER
  • Removes scratches and scuff marks
  • Improves the condition of your vinyl flooring
  • Economical to use – and environmentally-friendly
  • One coat is equivalent to 3 to 4 coats of traditional floor sealer
  • Six times higher long-term protection
  • Floors can be cleaned as normal, with a mop or vacuum.


Our PU Sealer is GUARANTEED for two years. So you can rest assured that your investment, your flooring, and your people, are protected.


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We’ve applied PU sealer at:

Rustico Tapas Bar, Secret Harbour

Citiplace Child Care Centre, Perth

Clarkson Care 4 Kids Childcare, Clarkson

Hocking Stars Early Learning Centre, Hocking

Engine Protection Equipment, Bibra Lake.


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