Wet Pendulum Slip Testing Reduces Risk!

How do you know if your floors are at the recommended classification of slip resistance as outlined in Australian Standard AS 4663:2013?

If they are not, you could be liable in the event of a slip fall accident. A costly legal battle could ensue.

A Wet Pendulum Slip Test measures the slip-resistance of your floor. You can then make an informed decision if the surface needs remedial work to increase the slip resistance.

Costs from slip fall accidents have reached a staggering $4 billion a year, so it is crucial to ensure that your Duty of Care obligations have been fulfilled.

Recommended Testing Situations

We recommend testing wherever there is a potential safety hazard like wet areas and sloped surfaces.

A wet pendulum slip test offers the advantage of slip resistance determination on-site, and it can quantify slip resistance under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Where Can We Test

Apart from slip testing indoor flooring, we can also perform wet pendulum slip testing in foyers, on internal and external walkways, in loading bays and all wet areas.

AntislipIt performs wet pendulum measurements, using the equipment shown and to the Australian Standards AS 4663:2013  “Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces.” and AS 4586:2013 “Slip resistance measurement of new pedestrian surfaces”

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