Antislipit is leading the way in floor safety, specialising in the provision of antislip solutions for all floor surfaces.

We offer a full range of floor safety consulting services including on-site slip-fall risk assessment reports and slip testing that can be used to certify your compliance with official Australian building codes and safety standards.

Antislipit operates in both the residential and commercial markets, offering friendly personal service to its customers.

Floor Safety Information & Consultation

Antislipit helps facility managers, safety officers, home owners, architects and builders keep abreast of current regulations, standards and best practices related to floor safety and prevention of accidents caused by slippery floors, stairs, walkways, tiles, pool decks and other pedestrian surfaces.

Our website provides a wealth of information about floor safety problems, solutions, products and services for the commercial and domestic markets. If you don’t find the information you need on our website just give us a call, we’re the experts on floor safety and we’re always ready to assist and advise.

Free Slip Risk Assessment

Antislipit has free floor safety checklist and self-assessment kits available here on our website. A floor safety consultant will visit your facility to assist you to complete a detailed area-by-area slip risk assessment and floor safety checklist. If you are not familiar with the official “wet pendulum” testing procedure required by Australian codes and regulations our floor safety consultant can demonstrate the testing instrument during the onsite risk assessment.

Our onsite slippery floor risk assessment will generally provide sufficient information to:

  • Identify SFA (Slip Fall Accident) problem areas and evaluate the range of possible solutions.
  • Establish the recommended slip resistance ratings for various floors, areas and surface types in your facility.
  • Determine if there is a need or a “Duty of Care” obligation to obtain professional test reports showing the actual slip resistance ratings of floors and surfaces in your facility.
  • Obtain cost estimates for treatment of hazardous or non-compliant floors and surfaces.
Non-Slip Products, Treatments and Solutions

Antislipit is a full-service contractor providing a range of antislip solutions for every type of floor and pedestrian surface. We don’t sell just one type of product or service. We specialize in solving floor safety issues, and that requires us to have a range of products, treatments and services at our disposal. We will work with you to evaluate the range of solutions, prepare cost estimates, and plan application, treatment & best practice cleaning regimes for treated floors. Trained technicians will professionally apply required coatings and treatments, and a slip testing expert will perform post-treatment tests and provide Certified reports that show that your floors comply with Australian standards and regulations for slip resistance.

Our range of antislip floor safety solutions includes:

  • Vinyl restoration, antislip coatings.
  • Antislip coatings for stone, concrete and ceramic tiles.
  • Tile antislip treatment that makes floors safer wet than dry.
  • Brick paver cleaning, restoration and antislip treatment
  • Diamond Brush surface treatment for terracotta, terrazzo, porcelain & ceramic tiles, granite, polished concrete and other surfaces..

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